Exception caught by connector

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Exception caught by connector

Post by rin67630 » Fri Mar 25, 2016 6:01 am

I am still struggling with the connection of my flightradar24 raspberry pi.
I seems to be a problem there.
VRS' Activity log mentions "Exception caught by connector No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it (followed by an ipV6 address)".

I think I have found what went wrong.
A completely fresh install of the Wheezy Pi from NOOBS followed by the FR24 install worked... until I changed the default Pi machine name using the Pi settings.
After the reboot nothing helped, the Pi refuses connections to 30003.

Finally I got it. The culprit was IPv6. On Raspbian Wheezy IPv6 was not active...
The crazy German Telekom Router W724V makes ahuge mess with these addresses and won't even let me disble IPv6.
Finally I had to disable it on the Pi and on all other clients. With IPv4 everything run fine.

Maybe that observation may help others...

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