Some Aircraft Not Showing on Map

Are you having trouble getting Virtual Radar Server installed and running? If so then this is the place to ask about it.
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Some Aircraft Not Showing on Map

Post by Liam_89 » Fri Feb 10, 2017 11:25 am

I'm fairly new to this virtual radar,
I have an RTL Dongle and a homebrew 1090mhz spider antenna for recieving,
I don't want to contribute to anything yet, i just want to try and get it set up correctly for my own personal use,
I have RTL1090 and virtual radar server all installed on my laptop and all set up,
It's working perfectly and I'm getting aircraft 190miles away everything shows as it should,
But I am also seeing military aircraft on the right side of the screen mixed in with the aircraft I'm picking up and tracking which are showing on the map,
It's showing typhoons, tornados and police helis etc... in the list,
But when I click on one, it's not showing that aircraft on the map anywhere,
I can't see any of the typhoons or helis etc...,
My antenna is high up on the roof and the 1090 software is showing full 180 signal,
But I'm not seeing the military fighters or police helis on the map,
Am I doing something wrong or have clicked something I shouldn't have ?
Can anybody kindly assist me ?
Thank you

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Re: Some Aircraft Not Showing on Map

Post by CharlieAlpha » Fri Feb 10, 2017 7:51 pm

Not all aircraft transmit their full location details only their callsign, squawk and altitude. When that's the case they will appear on the list and not on the map. Most military, police and many light aircraft fall into that category.

It is possible to get them to show on the map but you need to use MLAT with a group of multiple receivers (basically to triangulate the position - and yes I know MLAT is not actually simple triangulation before people correct me, its just an easy word to use give an indication of the process).

You will find posting about MLAT on the forum if you want to go that route. You will probably have to contribute your feed to get the MLAT from other people's feeds.

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