Aircraft Label Backgrounds

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Aircraft Label Backgrounds

Post by EGPE3 » Sat Jul 01, 2017 9:32 am

This isn't a problem as such, just something I'd like to understand!

I have only recently discovered VirtualRadar and have installed it on two systems I have running, one on Windows 10 and one on Linux. The browser page produced by the Windows 10 server has aircraft labels in a white font with no background, while the Linux server produces aircraft labels with a very useful grey background. I can't work out how to control this behaviour, but I'd really like them to be the same on both systems! Is this possible, or is it just a "feature" of the two different systems?

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Re: Aircraft Label Backgrounds

Post by agw » Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:05 pm

The Windows version is how I intended it to look. When an aircraft marker is shown the site sends a request to VRS for an aircraft marker that's been rotated so-many degrees and with text overlaid on top of it. VRS uses .NET features to draw the text onto the marker image before sending it back to the site to display. Those text-on-images features have not been fully implemented in mono, specifically there's no anti-aliasing, and there are also some issues with libcairo (which some mono deployments use to handle graphics operations).

So - under Linux the website only asks VRS for an aircraft marker without text. It then draws the text itself using the labelmarker library for Google Maps.

You can tell the Windows version of VRS to use labelmarker by installing the custom content plugin and then using that to configure an option (see ... tings.aspx, the line you need to add after the "// ADD YOUR CONTENT AFTER THIS LINE" line is:

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VRS.globalOptions.aircraftMarkerSuppressTextOnImages = true;
However, the next version of VRS introduces SVG aircraft markers. These markers are drawn by the browser without any work being done by the server and they should look the same regardless of whether the server is running under Windows or Linux.

The preview version of VRS has most of the SVG stuff there if you want to give it a try.

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