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Can't access the Web Server after install

Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 1:25 pm
by PaulusMaximus
Just followed the step by step for mono on my RPi (nogui) and added the Web Admin Plugin. I initially got the SqLLite stringbuilder issue so added VirtualRadar.exe.config. I then run startup : mono VirtualRadar.exe -nogui and I see the web server start.

I am getting a warning at startup but seems it's just that, a warning

WARNING: The runtime version supported by this application is unavailable.
Using default runtime: v4.0.30319
Parsing command-line parameters
Initialising the log
Initialising user manager
Loading the configuration
Starting picture folder cache
Opening the BaseStation database
Loading standing data
Initialising air pressure manager
Connecting to data feed
Starting web server
Starting rebroadcast servers
Initialising UPnP manager
Initialising online lookup manager
Starting plugins
Local address:
Network address:
Press Q to quit

No problems are indicated when I installed everything but when I go to a web browser and navigate to the Pi's fixed IP : Network address: The browser can't access the web server on that port.

I've telnet the RPi on port 8080 but I get no response.

This is a new Raspian Stretch install and the only other thing installed is fr24feed which is working successfully and I can access

Any Ideas on how I can resolve?


Re: Can't access the Web Server after install

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 12:10 pm
by PaulusMaximus
Only had chance to come back to this now. It was a port issue, not sure why as I could access other ports on the RPi and I hadn't manually unblocked those ports on the router, but anyhow.

Logging into the WebAdmin console, it doesn't look quite right. The console is visible but the DropDownLists are empty. The Statistics and Connector Activity Log buttons are duplicated.

Same with Settings.html, DropDownLists are empty. The Bootstrap buttons (btn-success) are truncated, so effectively a very small button.

I'm guessing a script isn't running correctly.

When running Desktop.html I get:-
VRS will not serve content that has been tampered with. Install the custom content plugin if you want to alter the site's files.

Obviously I can't configure so I'm guessing this is related to that.

Any ideas?