Cannot select a Receiver in VRS

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Cannot select a Receiver in VRS

Post by HansW » Sat Nov 17, 2018 10:10 am


I have VRS up-and-running with RTL1090 dongle; all working as it should be. Here is the issue:

I have setup a Rebroadcast-server, with the IP-address of a friend of mine. My friend has installed VRS and has setup a receiver with my ip-address. We can see we are connected, as I am sending messages and het is receiving messsages.
So far so good.
We thought it would now be possible for my friend to see MY feed on HIS VRS-screen (mind you, he does NOT have a dongle and therefore NOT have a feed of his own!). However, when selecting the MENU, he does not get the option "RECEIVER" where he can select my feed (also; Options --> General--> Datafeed will not give the option to select a receiver). As a consequence, NO aircraft are visible on his map.
Is it maybe compulsory to have a OWN feed, in order to get the "RECEIVER" MENU working? Or am I missing something?

I realize that my friend could also just connect to my IP-adres over the internet to get my feed visible, but the idea is to get MY feed into HIS VRS and subsequently being able to show the aircraft of my feed with his ip-adres/port being used. Again, we both see that messages are being send and received, so the issue is lying somewhere else (if at all possible...).

Any help greatfully received!

Thx and regards, Hans

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Re: Cannot select a Receiver in VRS

Post by Skibox » Tue Nov 20, 2018 11:58 pm

Hi Hans,

First, check that your friend hasn't ticked "Hide from Website" or "Merge only" in the Receiver setup.

Second, you write that both sides has the other ones IP address. That is not how it should work (unless you are talking about "Access control", but disable that for start.

One side connects to the other sides IP address. The other side just waits and listens. Which one then sends the data is controlled by the "Push" box being ticked or not.

Either both should be ticked for "push" or none. "Push" reverses the direction of the connection, but data always goes FROM the rebroadcast server TO the Receiver

You also need one side to have port forwarding configured on the router, and a fixed IP (or use a dynamic dns service)

Check exactly how they are set up and post it here.

Where are you located?

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Re: Cannot select a Receiver in VRS

Post by HansW » Sun Nov 25, 2018 4:08 pm


Thanks for the feedback. Meanwhile we managed to get it working by setting-up a merged feed at my friends VRS. By doing so, he was able to select the a receiver (basically a feed) in VRS when displaying the map.

Regards, Hans

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