Traefik reverse proxy and redirects

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Traefik reverse proxy and redirects

Post by benfayers »

I have "Reverse" proxy mode set in the VRS Web Admin settings.

If I go to vrs.[mydomain]/VirtualRadar/desktop.html it works perfectly fine, however If i go to vrs.[mydomain]/VirtualRadar I am redirected to

What can I do to stop this and make it redirect to the domain properly?

Here is my Traefik config for this subdomain:

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      prefix = "/VirtualRadar/"
      scheme = "https"
      Host = "vrs.[mydomain]"
      rule = "Host(`vrs.[mydomain]`)"
      service = "vrs"
      middleswares = ["vrsHeaders", "gotohttps"]
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Re: Traefik reverse proxy and redirects

Post by agw »

Sorry for the late reply.

I think the proxy setting in VRS modifies how it builds the redirection URL when a request comes in for a partial address. Looking at the code I think when it's set to reverse proxy it uses the endpoint address off the request, if it's a forward proxy it uses the domain specified in the request.

I think you might just need to flip the VRS proxy type from reverse proxy to forward proxy?
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