Viewing VRS on a tablet

Are you having trouble getting Virtual Radar Server installed and running? If so then this is the place to ask about it.
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Viewing VRS on a tablet

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Apart from ticking the box upon installation to "configure router settings", is there anything else I need to do to enable me to view my VRS data on a tablet or phone connected to the same WiFi network as my laptop?

I type the "network address" into my tablet's internet browser (Google Chrome) and nothing happens, the page just continually loads.

Anyone know what to do, please?

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Re: Viewing VRS on a tablet

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If you have another machine on the network then I would try accessing the site using the network address from a browser on there to begin with. If the network address of the computer running VRS is then try going to from the other computer. If that works then you can rule out issues with the firewall.

What tablet are you using?
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Re: Viewing VRS on a tablet

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I have the same issue and I have tried accessing the internal URL from multiple devices. TH VRS is running on Windows 7 ultimate machine and the Windows firewall is not blocking any ports. The server Ip when pinged gives a positive response but the http protocol fails.
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Re: Viewing VRS on a tablet

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I have the same issue, has anyone got any fixes?
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