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[STICKY] Reports

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2015 5:26 pm
by agw
The reports that Virtual Radar Server shows you are all coming from your BaseStation.sqb database file. If you do not have a BaseStation.sqb file (by default you won't) then you need to:
  1. Make sure you are running version 2.3 or better of Virtual Radar Server.
  2. Download and install the Database Writer Plugin.
  3. Run VRS and go to Tools | Options.
  4. Ensure that Lookup aircraft details online is ticked in the Data Sources screen.
  5. Go to Tools | Plugins.
  6. Click Options against the entry for Database Writer.
  7. Ensure that Enabled is ticked.
  8. Select the receiver that you want to be able to report on.
  9. Enter a filename (you can click the Use default file name link to generate one for you).
  10. Tick the box for Save online lookups in database.
  11. If you do not intend to edit the database entries manually then you may also want to tick Overwrite details on existing aircraft so that the aircraft details are kept up to date.
  12. Click Create Database to create your BaseStation.sqb file.
  13. Click OK.
The plugin should then start writing the details for aircraft and flights picked up by your receiver, and those details should appear on the reports.

Note that the writer won't close a flight session until roughly 25 minutes after the last signal is received from an aircraft. Until then the flight will have minimal details in the report.