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Cannot get Custom Content to display in v3

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2020 8:10 pm
by Saturnus
On Linux.
Custom Content on v2 stable: fine.
Custom Content on v3 preview: not showing.

Installed the preview version of the Custom Content plugin, enabled it, added the rules matching the v2 install, copied over the referenced images from the v2 installation...but no. Checked permissions; fine. Checked if the same packages are installed on the machines; yes.

When I on purpose enter an existing but wrong 'Site root folder' option for the Custom Content plugin it shows squares on the map like it cannot find the image. With the correct folder set, there is no image visible at all, as if it cannot display the .png file in the webserver.

Did something change?

Edit: Tried with a v2 stable release from scratch...although glitchy, got it getting more sure that something is off with v3.
Edit2: Tried a v3 preview setup from scratch: same outcome.