ADSBhub connection fails after x hours

Is Virtual Radar Server not behaving itself? If so then please report it here.
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ADSBhub connection fails after x hours

Post by caro-ed »

Hi all,

I am running VRS 3.0 RC6.
I run the VRS as a service on a Windows 10 Pro NUC.
I have configured the Rebroadcast servers to send information to ADSBhub. And also added the ADSBhub as a receiver.

When rebooting the windows system all is working fine. But after a couple of hours somehow the connection to ADSBHUB is failing.
From the moment it start failing the firewall I will show "reset TCP connection from Client". And on the ADSBhub webpage I will see my receiver has lost connection.

I am still able to receive my own data from my two Pi's and also i am able to view the VRS page from an external link.

If I reboot the Windows system the feeding to ADSBhub feeding is stared again and the message on the firewall will change to the actual data send and received.

Can someone please give me a helping hand? Or is this a bug?
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Re: ADSBhub connection fails after x hours

Post by antonov124 »

im also using VRS 3 prev 6 with an NUC @ win10 @adsbhub
everything is working like am charm

i use port (hidden)
Format: Basestation + MLAT
Max message age "3"
idle timeout "30"
push feed

thats all
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