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Filter Setting

Postby mmcgee » Wed Mar 08, 2017 5:54 pm

I am having an issue with getting filter settings to work as expected. I use several filter settings (for instance Interested and Military), only one of which I want enabled at a time. The expected behavior would be for only the checked filter to be active. The actual behavior is different (though I'm not sure quite what is going on), so let me explain what I was doing. Using a feed from ADSBExchange, I first created a filter for Interesting (in my database, this is mostly US Mil but also has a handfull of other things included). So that I could compare apples to apples, I counted only the official US Mil range and got 211 planes. I then went in, unchecked Interesting, and added a filter for Military. For the same US Mil range, I got 8 planes (107 planes total for all countries, far less than what I knew was in the air). I now went back and deleted the unchecked Interested filter, leaving the checked Military filter enabled. I now show over 350 planes, and at a glance the US Mil range looked like I had all of my planes back (between the large quantity and the list constantly changing, it was difficult to get a count). My suspicion is that the unchecked Interested filter was causing a match condition on *not* Interested instead of disabling the filter.

I was thinking either a sub setting (for Interesting/Not Interesting) or a separate entry on the list for Not Interesting would be more appropriate. If this is working as designed, maybe the ability to have a number of filter profiles that could be quickly selected would be a better solution.

And on a slightly different topic, could you add a starting/ending range as an option for the ICAO filter? (I was looking to manually code the US Mil range while testing this issue, it would have been useful).

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