No Squawk Codes

Is Virtual Radar Server not behaving itself? If so then please report it here.
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No Squawk Codes

Post by ricreig » Thu Jun 25, 2015 9:08 pm

Hi guys!

Well let me tell you about my setup first, i have a FR24 Receiver feeding to VRS on port 30334 (Raw), 1 FA Flight Feeder on port 30002 Raw also and 2 Pi Aware also on 30002, the all show the planes, location, speed, everything.

Buuuut... no squawk code at all.

First i had all the receivers configured to feed thru 30003 port but it was slow, unnacurate so i give it a try with the Raw mode and find better results, also NO Squawk with Basestation format.

Well when i changed to 30002 i discovered that this format can see the version of the ADSB like ADSB, ADSBv1 or ADSBv2, and finnaly show some Squawks ONLY with V2.

But i want all of them to show the swaks, i work in the airport, at the control tower and this is very usefull, and the Approach control got the SSR radar 10nm north so, all the aircrafts in the area are interrogated by the ssr, but still no codes!

Any ideas guys¿ i have checked the 30003 basestation feeds and ther is not a single squawk on the 18 field, so i dont know if this is something about the format, or the receivers cause there are 4 and got nothing, the planes in deed are with transponder codes, i assigned to them!

Need help thanks

Heres a pic of how i see the display


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Re: No Squawk Codes

Post by agw » Sun Jun 28, 2015 9:35 pm

The program can only show whatever's being passed on by the receiver, from the looks of it the receiver isn't decoding squawks correctly. Perhaps it's related to this? ... UAWK-issue

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