Define distance filter via JavaScript for adsbexchange

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Define distance filter via JavaScript for adsbexchange

Postby rdjsb » Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:54 pm

I can see all the aircraft from my own receiver and the aircraft from
But all the aircraft worldwide from are shown on the map and in te list. I want to restrane the amount of aircraft I see from here.

I know that I can enable a distance filters in the filtermenu (via options), but I want to do this via a JavaScript like the example in

I only want to see aircraft at a distance between 0 and 600 km from my own receiver location. So I like to put this Variables in the JavaScript.
If possible I like to hide the option that users can not alter this distance. So it would be nice that the distance filter is not visible for users.

Is there anyone who has such a script?

I hope someone can help. I saw multiple people struggle with the large amount of data on the map/list from, but still no joy. Maybe this helps more people than just me.


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