Using Metabase to summarize DB plugin results

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Using Metabase to summarize DB plugin results

Post by gregw916 » Wed Jan 17, 2018 2:28 am


I've been looking for a web-based dashboard that could summarize my flight and aircraft stats coming off VRS. If you have the DB writer plugin installed, there's a great application that you can easily summarize data(real time) with. You don't need to know SQL scripts or PHP(I don't), as this is all GUI based. If you're at all familiar with pivot tables in Excel and/or Access, then it will be easy for you. It has many different graphing or table options for summarizing data.

The best part is that it's open source too! It's called Metabase, and it's a Java .jar application that is run through a web interface.

I've got this running on my RPi model 2, along with VRS, and PiAware. I tried running it on my Pi Zero W, but it didn't have enough RAM. If you do run it on a Pi, be advised it takes awhile for it to start up(15 min+). Once it's running, keep it going, it doesn't appear to be using processor resource, except when it's running. It does use memory though while idle. Results with Pi 3 or other mini PC may be better.

If you're interested in creating such content, check it out. I tried posting a couple of images to show what it's capable of.

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