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Re: weather layer

Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 7:32 pm
by jdor

this shows what the code in sample.html generates

Re: weather layer

Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 7:37 pm
by jdor
I have fixed it now thanks like you stated i had to remove head and body tags. sorry and thanks

Re: weather layer

Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 7:40 pm
by nitro999
great - you're welcome

Re: weather layer

Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:47 pm
by jdor
This is what I was trying to do but as not great with html was not sure how to set it up, its all working now


Re: weather layer

Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 5:09 am
by machsimum
Any joy with OpenWeather? Anyone managed to overlay as it seems that its compatible with the newer leaflet maps. Also wondered whether anyone has every thought about overlaying windymaps as I think they would really look good on vrs... :D :D

Re: weather layer

Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2018 4:25 pm
by fedelosa
Hi nitro999

How can I select which overlays appear as an option?

If I comment one section of "Put this file at the end of BODY" file, then, the plugin doesn't work, I mean, there is no ICON to click in the map.

I was trying to hide this option for example, so I comment this entire lines.

Code: Select all

// Add UK civil airfields
    var civAirfieldsStyle = L.geoJson(null, {
          onEachFeature: function (feature, layer) {
            layer.bindPopup('<table><tr><th>' + + '</th></tr><tr><td>ICAO</td><td>' + + '</td></tr><tr><td>IATA</td><td>' + + '</td></tr><tr><td>Runways</td><td>' + + '</td></tr><tr><td>Chart</td><td><a href=' + + ' target ="charts">View</a></td></tr><tr><td>Tower Frequency</td><td>' + + '</td></tr><tr><td>ATIS Frequency</td><td>' + + '</td></tr><tr><td>Ground Frequency</td><td>' + + '</td></tr><tr><td>Approach Frequency</td><td>' + + '</td></tr><tr><td>Air Ground Frequency</td><td>' + + '</td></tr><tr><td>AFIS Frequency</td><td>' + + '</td></tr></table>');

    //var civilAirfields = omnivore.csv('', null, civAirfieldsStyle);
    var civilAirfields = omnivore.csv('civairfields.csv', null, civAirfieldsStyle);

Re: weather layer

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2018 2:12 pm
by Tom
at the end of that file is a section called "Define menu items"

Code: Select all

    // Define menu items

    var groupedOverlays = {
        "Global Airspace": {
          "Airspace": openAIPairspace,
          "Navaids": tacanVOR,
          "Airfields": openAIPairfields
        "Global Weather": {
        "Cloud": aerisCloud,
        "Rain radar": aerisInfraSat,
        "Wind" : aerisWind,
        "Air pressure (QNH)": aerisPressure,
        "Satellite" : nasaSat,
        "Daylight and Night" : dayNight

Here you can deselect menu entries via comments


Re: weather layer

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 6:04 pm
by kusuriurikun
OK, this is less "problem" and more "suggestions for additions" department, and I also admit these are probably almost entirely relevant to the US audience rather than the UK audience, but...

a) Is it possible to (in a future version) have links to Chartbundle tiles as an overlay option?
b) Is it possible to (in a future version) have a link to NOAA NEXRAD info (which, at least in the US, is probably the preferred option for weather--free of licensing issues, tile servers available) or--if the goal is worldwide access--possibly using's API ( which provides most of the services as Aeris does (particularly not only radar but barometric pressure and wind speeds) and has free use of its API for personal use as long as users register for an API key?
c) Would it be possible to have some script generate the civ/military fields and navaids JSON file? (They work great...for the UK. I'm unfortunately across the pond, and you probably have a lot of VRS users outside the UK that would like to play with these.

Thanks in advance!

Re: weather layer

Posted: Sun May 19, 2019 9:34 pm
by agw
Sorry for the delay in replying. The current preview versions of 2.4.2 and 3.0 add support for layers. The layers can be defined centrally like tile servers are now, so in principle as long as the program can support the tile layer settings then I can add new layers without having to keep releasing the program.

However, there is no support for any layer that requires API keys or any kind of per-user customisation / configuration. You can add those locally using the same mechanism as already exists for adding tile servers (you just have to add the setting IsLayer: true in the configuration of the custom layer) so I suspect that if ChartBundle is a pay-for service then it's going to be a non-starter for standard layers, likewise, but you can add those locally if you like.

I could add the NOAA layer centrally though if you have the details for it, or better yet point me at a web page that has the details.
c) Would it be possible to have some script generate the civ/military fields and navaids JSON file?
I don't know what you mean. Are you talking about the OpenAIP layer? If you go to OpenAIP's site then you can register and get access to their data in various formats. You would, however, need to set up a tile server if you wanted to show your customised version on a leaflet map. That would not be a trivial undertaking. OpenAIP accept corrections and additions to their data if you want to improve the accuracy of their maps, it might be easier to submit corrections than it would be to set up a tile server.

OpenAIP's site is here:

Re: weather layer

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 12:00 am
by RickBoatright
agw, the nexrad free tile server spec is

Code: Select all{z}/{x}/{y}.png?_='+ time
other service details at