Audio Streaming Plugin

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Audio Streaming Plugin

Post by bluealien11 »

Hey everyone. Sorry that the new guy keeps asking questions!

I have been playing around with VRS and would like to put an audio stream of local ATC on there from a scanner feed I provide. Curious if this is something anyone else has done? Preferably wanting a small box on the map with the play/pause controls for the audio stream, so it is all self contained on the web page and not a separate window for audio.

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Re: Audio Streaming Plugin

Post by aeneimia »

I have been feeding audio with my VRS for the longest time.. Use the custom content plug in and you can serve up your audio feeds with your maps... ... er-script/ you can use this to make your script... Uses HTML 5 for the player, if your all ready have a feed you just need to make the script and add it to custom content in VRS... :D
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