Database Writer Plugin Not Respecting Receiver Setting

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Database Writer Plugin Not Respecting Receiver Setting

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My receiver setup is like this:

Receiver 1: PiAware from rpi
Receiver 2: PiAware mlat from rpi
Receiver 3: ADSB Exchange incoming
Receiver 4: ADSB Hub incoming
Merged Feed 1: Merged "My Feeds" (Receivers 1 and 2 above)
Merged Feed 2: Merged "All Feeds" (Receivers 1 2 3 and 4 above)

I have the Database Writer Plugin writing to BaseStation.sqb. When I had only receivers 1 and 2, I had the plugin writing the "my feeds" merged feed to the sqb file and everything worked fine. Two days ago I added receivers 3 and 4, and created the "all feeds" merged feed. I still have the database writer plugin set to write "my feeds", but now it seems to be ignoring that setting and it's writing "all feeds." I noticed this because I noticed that the sqb was rapidly increasing in size, due to writing all the adsb exchange/adsb hub movements. I verified that it was writing the adsb exchange movements by running a database search on a tail number for a helicopter that only appears on the other side of the country (i.e., way out of range of my own receivers) and it shows up in the db.

So what I want to do is only write the merged "my feeds" to the sqb, and I have it set that way, but it doesn't appear to be respecting the setting. Any thoughts?

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