Version 1.2.0 released

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Version 1.2.0 released

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Virtual Radar Server
1. Fixed many issues faced by the Mono version. The Mono version will now run under Ubuntu 10.04 and Mac OS/X (tested with Mountain Lion, Mono 3.0.3 and XQuartz).
2. Mono version now uses Mono's own SQLite library instead of a Mono build of the Windows ADO.NET provider.
3. Fixed the libpng warnings displayed when starting the Mono version.
4. Worked around the problems with libcairo when running the Mono version.
5. The website now uses the latest stable release of Google Maps, 3.10.
6. Added feed statistics to the File menu.
7. Added ability to display the flight route on the aircraft marker.
8. Added ability to display the UserTag database field in the aircraft list.
9. Added an option to control how long an aircraft continues to be tracked after leaving reception range.
10. Added an option to keep retrying the connection to the data feed on startup.
11. Added options to control the validation of ICAO24 codes from messages with and without testable parity.
12. Improved memory usage by moving standing data (flight routes, airlines, airports etc.) from CSV files to an SQLite database.
13. When an aircraft only transmits its flight number as the callsign the program now tries to match the route using the operator code.
14. Plugins are now able to implement their own user authentication for the website.
15. Removed the "Ignore bad messages" option. Bad messages are now always ignored.
16. Removed the custom routes feature. Users with custom routes files can submit them for incorporation into the standing data database.

Database Writer Plugin
1. The plugin now handles the case where new aircraft records are updated with the Mode-S country when new standing data is downloaded from the Virtual Radar Server website.

Language Pack
1. Updated French and Russian translations.
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