Database??? ERROR after running VRS for a while.

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Database??? ERROR after running VRS for a while.

Post by lesveldt » Fri Apr 12, 2019 8:24 am


When I start my Rasp 3B+ with the latest version of Strechdesk with all apps incl. it will automatically start VRS via Cron by the script.

Everything works fine the whole day until I check te next morning.
Then only the old style aircraft markers are displayed and no reg and shil/ope flags will show.
Futher everything works fine, it's getting data by multiple receivers ect ect.


So I think it has something to do with BaseStation.sqb or so.... :shock:

After a reboot it works fine as well. I'm using VRS 3.0.

Who can help or have the same problem???

Kind Regards..

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