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HOWTO: VRS with local OSM Tile Server

Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 8:50 pm
by begleysm
I had a need to setup a Virtual Radar Server instance, running under Debian 9 Linux, with a pingStation ADS-B receiver, and an local OpenStreetMap Tile Server to provide complete offline ADS-B receiving and mapping capability. To reiterate, this system shows full ADS-B received data as well as a moving map background without any internet connection.

Obviously the pingStation is an expensive unit outside the price range of most people, but the rest of the guide is broadly applicable and it shouldn't be too hard to replace the pingStation with another ADS-B receiver.

I wrote up a step-by-step HOWTO in case it helps others. Hopefully someone searching this forum might find it useful.

You can check it out here: ... ffline_use