Connection issues

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Connection issues

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I know by default vrs on linux doesnt support upnp, however, I got it working by setting up port forwarding on my router and can access my vrs instance on both the LAN and the internet(tested using my phone and mobile data) I had the pi connected to my tv and ran the command

mono VIrtualRadarserver.exe

, however this morning I've temporarily put the pi in the loft used ssh to connect to it and ran the command

mono VirtualRadarserver.exe -nogui &

this started vrs, however, I could not access it from the lan or the internet

when going to http://mypiip//VirtualRadar/desktop.html#

I am just getting nothing The only way I can access it is by installing vrs on my pc and going to tools|options, and receivers and then entering my pi ip and port 30003

when I bring it back downstairs connect to my tv and run the command

mono VIrtualRadarserver.exe
all works well

if I run that command without -nogui swicth I get error messages (when in the loft where there is no display to connect to)

can anybody help or shed any light on this, please?
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