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Simple utility to alert on new aircraft

Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2020 8:37 pm
by nimzok
While playing around with VRS (based on Mono-Linux), I wrote a simple Bash script (called AlertAir) which notifies via email on user-defined aircraft. I thought it might be useful for some people utilising VRS on Linux. I’ve been running AlertAir for over eight weeks while it has proven to do the job. I’m aware there is the far more versatile PlaneAlerter available, but it’s Windows-based ;-). AlertAir is not a plug-and-play utility, thus some basic Linux/Debian experience for the setup is recommended.

AlertAir is available at:

I'd appreciate any comments, especially on bugs or improvements.
Please bear in mind I’m not a professional developer, just an av enthusiast and VRS lover ;-).