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I have a problem with A380's

Posted: Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:47 am
by gandym
Before I get on to that I would just like to say how awesome this project is. From the outset it has been incredibly easy to set up, including all of the plugins. I am brand new to SSH and raspberry Pis (this is my first project) and VRS was very easy to get up and running. I find it to be the most visually appealing flight tracker available. So thanks Andrew and all other contributors.

Returning to the problem, whenever an A380 (ICAO A388) appears on the horizon the callsign is captured and the route is displayed. However, shortly after an A380 lands and while it is still taxiing to the terminal, the callsign captured changes from the callsign of the flight that just ended to the aircraft registration number. This happens with all A380's operated by all of the different airlines that I have seen. I have not observed this behaviour with any other type of aircraft. My specific problem is that when VRS saves the flight to the database, the callsign saved is the last observed callsign (which is the aircaft registration). When running reports of previous flights, the true callsign and therefore origin/destination information of the flight is lost. The image in the link below shows the inbound flights with incorrect callsign information alongside the outbound flights showing correct callsign information for various A380s.

Feature request: When two different callsigns are observed for a single flight, can VRS save the callsign that has corresponding route information? Alternatively (or additionally), can VRS compare callsigns with registration values to help decide which value should be discarded?

Many thanks :mrgreen: