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Please delete routes

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 7:58 pm
by shalomblessing
Please delete these routes
I have requested to have them deleted in SDM but it does not happen

These planes operate out of YSSY to various regional airports in New South Wales Australia

Royal Flying Doctor Service AM269
Australia Civil
King Air B200C

From <>

Royal Flying Doctor Service AM207
Australia Civil
King Air 350C B350

From <

Royal Flying Doctor Service AM227
Australia Civil
King Air 350C B350

From <

Re: Please delete routes

Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 12:28 am
by agw
The reason I can't delete those routes is because they are not Flying Doctor routes. They are Aeromexico routes.

VRS assumes that everyone is playing by the ICAO rules, which is to say that callsigns are either the aircraft's registration or they're the operator's ICAO code (VRS also supports the IATA code) and a flight number. Most countries follow these rules but Australia has forged its own path and allowed certain domestic operators to use three letter prefixes that look like ICAO codes but aren't. In the case of the Flying Doctor service they let them use the prefix AM.

Unfortunately AM is the IATA code for Aeromexico, so a bunch of Flying Doctor flights will show up with routes that usually start or end in Mexico. I can't delete them, if I did then the real Aeromexico flights would have no routes.

When this question has come up before the response has been c'est la vie, you're going to see weird routes on Flying Doctor flights. However. Now that VRS has access to the glory that is Planebase's aircraft list I should be able to identify the Flying Doctor's aircraft by their ICAO codes, and then from that I should be able to just not bother looking up routes for them. I think there are a couple of other Australian operators that have also taken liberties with callsigns, I should also be able to do the same for those.

I intend to have the feature in place for v3.