Transform ADSB Exchange Query Data into Basestation

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Transform ADSB Exchange Query Data into Basestation

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Hi guys,

I have a REST API Key from ADSB Exchange and want to query all aircraft within 100mn around my place to be displayed on Virtual Radar Server.

For this purpose I have created a Python script to query the results in the first place:

Code: Select all

import requests
headers = {
    'api-auth': "MY-REST-API-KEY"
response = requests.get('ADSBx REST API request format', headers = headers)
data = response.text

Since I'm a bloody beginner in coding I don't know how to…
a) …redirect these results to VRS, e.g. via an internal port from where I can connect to in VRS
b) …I can constantly query those data in a loop so that I always get latest aircraft with positions

Can anyone help me out or even already has something developped?

Many thanks and have a nice day!
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