Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)

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Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)

Post by me1900 » Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:12 pm

My issue is not an VRS installation issue as far as the software itself is concerned. My issue is my lack of knowledge in this field of domain name redirect. I need help understanding how to get my domain name to redirect to just without /VirtualRadar following. I tried in the url address bar then I get " Bad Request (Invalid Hostname) in black bold letters on a white page. :|

Things I tried:
-Tried adding "fly" in the A record then making a subdomain but to no luck.
-Tried adding /VirtualRadar as a subdirectory pointer with no luck
Yes I entered my IP in the A list for

I asked an acquaintance what he thought. He thought maybe it had to do with a header in the VRS software itself.

I am really puzzled about how to do this to get it working like I want it to. I saw another ads-b host use just the same type of thing using just a simple url listed in the VRS directory. works for now.

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Re: Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)

Post by agw » Mon Feb 13, 2017 2:22 am

The /VirtualRadar bit is part of the path, it's not part of the domain. You can't remove the /VirtualRadar bit from the path, the VRS installer registers it with Windows as a part of the prefix that HTTP.SYS (the Windows library that's doing the listening for web connections) uses to route requests to VRS.

One way around it is to set up a reverse proxy that sits between the Internet and VRS. The reverse proxy listens for incoming requests from clients and forwards them on to VRS. If you put VRS behind a proxy then you'll need to tell VRS about it in Tools | Options | Web Site | Proxy Type, otherwise it won't be able to distinguish between clients connecting from the Internet and those connecting from the LAN.

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