How VRS displays aircraft icons

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Re: How VRS displays aircraft icons

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Do you add in future some antonovs like AN124 AN225 AN22 or IL76 `;)
Or C5 Galaxy , or Beluga XXL ;)

thx ;)

edit: answer via github:

Hi, Beluga XL is already in there. I can do a Tornado one. As for the transports, at the scale they are drawn there is no point doing every aircraft type. AN22 is very similar to C130. IL76, AN124 and C5 would also look almost the same. The AN225 is a bit different so it is definatley worth doing.

I have now included some new markers for Tornado, IL-76, C-5 and AN-225
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Re: How VRS displays aircraft icons

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Okay, clear that you modify by Custom Marker but where are the icons related to these types?

Because for each type you need two images, for example:
normalFileName: 'MyNewPlane.png',
selectedFileName: 'MyNewPlane-Selected.png',
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