ETA from JSON data

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ETA from JSON data

Post by MalcolmF » Mon Sep 17, 2018 11:59 am


I have just discovered the Virtual Radar Server and wanted to ask a stupid question.

I have used the URL filter to request information on a single flight, the Cathay Pacific 255 from Honk Kong to London. Is is possible to calculate the ETA in London from the data returned?


"src": 1,
"feeds": [{
"id": 1,
"name": "From Consolidator",
"polarPlot": false
"srcFeed": 1,
"showSil": true,
"showFlg": true,
"showPic": true,
"flgH": 20,
"flgW": 85,
"acList": [{
"Id": 7866904,
"Rcvr": 1,
"HasSig": false,
"Icao": "780A18",
"Bad": false,
"Reg": "B-KPW",
"FSeen": "\/Date(1537180396804)\/",
"TSecs": 270,
"CMsgs": 193,
"Alt": 36000,
"GAlt": 35962,
"InHg": 29.88189,
"AltT": 0,
"Call": "CPA255",
"Lat": 53.93263,
"Long": 55.057903,
"PosTime": 1537180666255,
"Mlat": false,
"Tisb": false,
"Spd": 458.2,
"Trak": 282.1,
"TrkH": false,
"Type": "B773",
"Mdl": "Boeing 777 367ER",
"Man": "Boeing",
"CNum": "39234",
"From": "VHHH Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong, Hong Kong",
"To": "EGLL London Heathrow, United Kingdom",
"Op": "Cathay Pacific Airways",
"OpIcao": "CPA",
"Sqk": "",
"Vsi": 0,
"VsiT": 0,
"WTC": 3,
"Species": 1,
"Engines": "2",
"EngType": 3,
"EngMount": 0,
"Mil": false,
"Cou": "Hong Kong",
"HasPic": false,
"Interested": false,
"FlightsCount": 0,
"Gnd": false,
"SpdTyp": 0,
"CallSus": false,
"Trt": 2,
"Year": "2011"
"totalAc": 6319,
"lastDv": "636727502683097409",
"shtTrlSec": 65,
"stm": 1537180666958

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Re: ETA from JSON data

Post by agw » Tue Sep 18, 2018 12:09 am

You could maybe dead reckon it from the average speed over the last n-minutes and the distance left to travel, you'd need to do a great circle calculation to get the distance from the aircraft to the airport ( but I don't think any of the sites that show ETAs are doing that. I think they're getting the ETA from the airline via OAG and a hefty dose of cash :)

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