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Howto: Fullscreen mode in mobile Chrome (Android)

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2018 10:50 pm
by test123

if you want to use VRS in fullscreen mode on your mobile (Chrome), you can use the Custom Content plugin and add a file manifest.html to the HEAD of the mobile.html page. Content of manifest.html:

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<link rel="manifest" href="manifest.json">
Put something like the following as manifest.json in your Site root folder (which is also set in the Custom Content plugin settings):

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  "short_name": "VRS",
  "name": "Virtual Radar Server",
  "icons": [
      "src": "vrs-192.png",
      "sizes": "192x192",
      "type": "image/png"
      "src": "vrs-144.png",
      "sizes": "144x144",
      "type": "image/png"
    },    {
      "src": "vrs-96.png",
      "sizes": "96x96",
      "type": "image/png"
    },    {
      "src": "vrs-512.png",
      "sizes": "512x512",
      "type": "image/png"
  "start_url": "/VirtualRadar/mobile.html",
  "scope": "/VirtualRadar/",
  "display": "fullscreen",
  "background_color": "#2196F3",
  "theme_color": "#2196F3",
  "description": "Shows aircraft data received by local or remote ADS-B receivers"
The referenced icons don't even need to exist (I don't have them, either). Be sure to change "start_url" and "scope" if your Virtual Radar is not in /VirtualRadar/ on your server.

With this setup you can use Chrome on Android, browse to your VRS like normal, then select "Add to Homescreen" from the menu. You should get a popup that asks what name the homescreen link should get, and finally you get a new icon in your launcher. Click on that icon, and VRS should now open in fullscreen mode, without status bar, URL bar or nav bar.

Re: Howto: Fullscreen mode in mobile Chrome (Android)

Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 4:53 pm
by agw
Thanks for that, I'll look into adding it to the program.