Not tracking any planes from dump978-fa

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Not tracking any planes from dump978-fa

Post by dodgeboy » Wed Apr 24, 2019 11:07 pm

I recently upgraded to Piaware, which includes support for UAT/978MHz. I am successfully tracking UAT planes with the local map on the RPi, but VRS will not track them, even though it is receiving "good" messages. The messages counter will increment, the bad counter will not, and the tracking counter remains at 0. I've tried pretty much every format/mode, including JSON (on port 30979 instead of 30978). Has anyone gotten this to work successfully?

I'm still able to successfully track my ADS-B (1090MHz) traffic with VRS without a problem.


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Re: Not tracking any planes from dump978-fa

Post by KC1IUC » Thu May 09, 2019 2:44 am

I'm in the same boat. If I set it up to read on the basestation port of 30978, Virtual Radar sees messages, but doesn't get data. Using JSON port 30979 and JSON input on VRS gives me nothing at all as well.
I'm assuming because UAT data is in a different format than ADS-B and Mode-S data and thus cannot decode it.

I saw some program in a variant build of dump978, not dump978-fa that PiAware uses, that contained a program you could pipe the output of dump978 into, and it would serve Mode-S data on port 31001 for you. However I cannot locate the programs name now, nor could I ever locate a binary that I could try without completely redoing my Pi's setup with a entirely custom setup not found in PiAware's official builds.

My guess is Virtual Radar would need an update to read UAT messages. Or something like modesmixer2 to "translate" the messages (however modesmixer2 also cannot understand UAT messages...). Given UAT is a US only thing, I see it as very slow coming. I do get good UAT traffic near me as well, 10-15 flights a day due to my proximity to a training airport.

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Re: Not tracking any planes from dump978-fa

Post by agw » Sun May 19, 2019 10:19 pm

Could you connect a web browser to PiAware's BaseStation feed of UAT aircraft and post a *SHORT* sample of what you get out of it?

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