ADSBExchange feed no longer working?

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Re: ADSBExchange feed no longer working?

Post by Sketco » Thu Jul 18, 2019 9:01 pm

Ok, so a light at the end of the tunnel. James at ADSBx replied to the query of the death of the feed. They are still working on a foolproof method of excluding commercial users who are on-selling the data.
So the ADSBx- VRS feed isn't dead and gone never to return.
I for one am relieved. The Pi setup for a Linux noob is a PIA. The VRS route was just simple.
Fingers crossed for a swift return, but rest assured they are working on it.

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Re: ADSBExchange feed no longer working?

Post by ernieek » Mon Jul 22, 2019 10:01 am

Hi Foks,

After email contact with ADSBexchange for access (and send them some feeds) the owner of ADSBexchange sends me not really nice emails.....

In my opinion James Stanford is overstrained. And verry frustrated.

So i decided to stop feeding ADSBexchange.

And changed to

Hope more people will change to

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Re: ADSBExchange feed no longer working?

Post by Sketco » Wed Aug 14, 2019 2:07 pm

Yeah well, in the end I went with Took me minutes to send and receive feeds in VRS.
A side by side comparison with ADSBHub data and ADSBExchange Global radar data showed over 35 more planes for my area from the adsbhub and callsign for Valor 76 Gulf 5 01-0076 that didn't show in Global Radar.
So, I'm happy enough not mucking about with a Pi to get an adsbexchange feed.

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Re: ADSBExchange feed no longer working?

Post by testthevrs » Tue Sep 17, 2019 1:02 am

Why was ADSBx TCP restricted?

The top reason, commercial abuse of reselling of the unfiltered data stream. There were over 350 'users' connected to the TCP stream 24/7 365 days a year - many from commercial / corporate / data center IPs.

How many are connected now? About 20. Within a week, a dozen commercial businesses came forward asking for access and many are now supporting ADSBx.

The second reason, VRS users sending our own feed back to ADSBx creating a feedback loop, this results in immediate IP ban of the user. VRS support and general inability to follow instructions caused repeated issues.

What's the REAL story with ernieek, Sketco, bmh, etc?

I'll just address Ernieek, but they were all similar. I'd have posted this sooner but you can read the full forum thread and see they are still refusing to put a in any effort while demanding everything and anything. Better to let them open their mouths and act entitled.

Ernie was offered ADSBx TCP stream if he fed from Pi. You see what Erinieek (Erwin Kooij) didn't tell everyone was he feeds FR24 with multiple Pi / free FR24 devices but REFUSED to feed ADSBX with anything but VRS. I informed him several times that his data was bad and it was being dropped because it had a large delay. I told him he must feed direct from the receivers and NOT WITH VRS.

Erwin refused, made a bunch of excuses and threatened to stop feed ADSBx (as did Sketco etc). But since they were sending garbage data, so no loss there, not sure why he thought I would care.

Erwin continued to email. Finally, I told him to fuck off. If he wasn't going to send good data to ADSBx why the fuck would I give a good god damn fuck that he doesn't get a global TCP feed to broadcast on his site. I told him if he insists on feeding FR24, and not ADSBx then go fucking ask them for a feed.

This is where the "James sent me not nice things and seems stressed" comes from. :roll:

He's not incorrect, people like Ernie et all piss me off. :evil:

Did anyone ever see anywhere on his site about crediting ADSBx for data? Nope.

Did he ever donate, did he ever volunteer, did he ever promote feeding ADSBx so he could get better data? Nope.

Just want and demand, then if they don't get their way, throw a fit and make threats.

Erwin threatened post my emails all over the Internet and make sure we don't get feeders. My reply was "go fucking ahead and do it. You are sending garbage data, why the fuck would I care?"

Pretty much the same goes for Sketco and bmh. And I assume others.

It's disappointing and somewhat infuriating the moment ADSBx had to do something to preserve resources, these guys turn on ADSBx like rabid dogs. If they can't get a global unfiltered data stream for their pittance and they will talk non-stop trash about ADSBx. Small people.

Sketco is especially annoying because he's proud to act stupid and not get a Pi. AKA "LOL I don't have to learn linux."

FYI: You don't have to learn Linux. It's editing text file in notepad and plugging the device in. Stop being a dipshit!

What do these guys all have in common?

They are freeloaders. They were offered a choice and refused, threw temper tantrums, and acted like jackasses. They will move on to the next site they can abuse and do the minimum amount of effort to leech as much as they can from.

There's one thing I've learned volunteering at ADSBx, you can't fix stupid and it's better not to deal with entitled jerks.

The ADSBx TCP is still active if you are a feeder sending good data. That's a bare minimum ask. If you don't like it then go be a fucking cockroach elsewhere.

Many feed FR24 etc etc , but don't feed ADSBX while at the same time demanding TCP data from ADSBx. Nobody to blame but yourselves.

How do you get TCP access for your VRS?


Meet the requirements.

Feed with a device that sends good data. Don't send delayed, relayed, and garbage data.

And you'll get TCP for VRS.

These guys have nobody to blame but themselves but will continue to trash talk ADSBx while they never did a damn thing while they were sucking resources. As far as I'm concerned they can go pound sand until they act like adults.

Don't be like these guys. Contribute to the greater good, do things the proper way.

james @ ... rs.628630/

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Re: ADSBExchange feed no longer working?

Post by Sketco » Tue Sep 17, 2019 8:23 am

I simply chose the path that has worked for me with my limited knowledge and ADSBHub has provided the means to receive a feed. That's it.
Wiedehopf at ADSBx was especially helpful, but ultimately I couldn't get the Pi working, so went with feeding ADSBHub and receiving a feed in return (no freeloading there)
No disrespect for ADSBexchange was ever implied by me.
There are no hidden agendas James. The vitriol is entirely yours.

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Re: ADSBExchange feed no longer working?

Post by testthevrs » Tue Sep 17, 2019 3:36 pm

mmm hmmmm ....

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