audio code help.

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audio code help.

Post by scoobydobedooo »

hello everyone,
im looking to add an audio box to my radar so i can listen to my own atc feed on my radar.

i have spent hours looking around but to no joys.

i have made an audio player which i can get vrs to load however it creates a space on the top of the map header and pushes the radar map down off the screen making the map had to move around and zoom in and out.

i have found on posts on here a custom code written by Andrew uploaded to GitHub called map-control or something along those lines which adds a small box to the bottom of the map with text saying hello world and it adds it to the map rather then pushing the map off screen.

could someone help me with code to replace the text and display an audio player instead please? i have seen a few radar sites that currently have this player but no one has got back to me on how to pull this off,

many thanks in adv
i have a home base station im willing to share data from. if intressed let me know :)
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Re: audio code help.

Post by VE2ZPS »

Hi scoobydobedooo,

I was finally able to embed my own ATC audio into my radar.

Have you succeeded ?
Maybe I can share some information

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