SatCOM timeout issues between VRS's

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SatCOM timeout issues between VRS's

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I have two VRS's running in different countries. Both are receiving SatCOM ACARS FEED from satellite an working fine, except when I try to send from one server to another (using VRS COmpressed protocol). Aircrafts are displayed on the second VRS server (linux), but timeout is very short....I mean, aircraft is displayed for a few seconds then is gone. I think it's a VRS bug, because other feed (not using VRS Compressed) timeout is OK for SatCOM.....just this one between two VRS's are with this timeout problem.

VRS1 (windows) as Client, connecting to VRS2 and sending using VRS Compressed protocol.
VRS2 (linux) as Server, created an 'receiver' and selected checkfor "Is SatCom ACARS Feed".

What could be wrong?
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