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VRS can't connect to RPi but does connect to a different RPi identically configured

Posted: Sat Dec 18, 2021 3:02 pm
by sonicgoose
Setup: Two RPi's, both identically configured with PiAware 6. VRS, running under Win7, was connected to both, on port 30005 (beast feed) and port 30105 (mlat results from FlightAware in beast format). This worked just fine for years, but a couple of months ago VRS could no longer connect to one of the two RPi's on either port, despite that RPi still feeding to and receiving mlat data from FlightAware. One RPi is connected via ethernet (wired) to my router while the other is wirelessly connected. Apart from that (and ip and FA feeder id) the two are identical. I've checked VRS settings, piaware settings, router settings. I can ping the problematic pi from a Mac on my network but not from the Win7 PC that's running VRS. So I tried turning off the Firewall on the PC but still no luck. I'm completely stumped. Anyone else have any ideas?