radarserver.net and free subdomains

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radarserver.net and free subdomains

Post by kallig » Thu Mar 13, 2014 9:23 am

Hi. I just bought the domain http://www.radarserver.net
The idea is to use the domain for a world wide merged feed and an radar index.

In addition I want to provide all fellow VRS users with free subdomains.
I can add a single line header and/or footer to the subdomain page. Your custom info can be displayed there. (Metar data, location or contact info etc)
check out the example:

The subdomain I am offering is not an replacement for a dyndns service like no-ip.com
The subdomain is only a redirect page.

contact me directly for more info:

And to be clear, getting a free subdomain includes no obligations to participate in the radarserver.net future VRS community server or index.

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