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Aircraft tracked question

Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 3:46 pm
I am new to using VRS and have a question about the aircraft tracked field in the feed status block. It is always at 0 (zero). I am using a DVB-T dongle (see January 2014 QST magazine article) with the program ADSB# and in the ADSB# form I see a varying amount of frames per seconds ranging from 50 to over 150. I downloaded the VRS program and was able to connect to the ADSB# after some configurations. I also was able to download and install the SBS-resource and was able to configure VRS to basestation SQB database. When running VRS, after a few minutes I have hundreds of total messages, but 0 in the aircraft tracked column. (I am traveling and currently near an airport) The VRS connection status shows connected and also no bad messages, however I do not have an internet connection on the PC that I am running VRS on at present. Thanks for any advice.

Re: Aircraft tracked question

Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 5:32 pm
by jonfear

It sounds like you are not decoding in the correct format.

ADSB# outputs AVR on port 47806. Please check this is how you have the VRS receiver configured.

I did have adsb# working on my system many moons ago so I know it works...



Re: Aircraft tracked question

Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 5:47 pm
Hi Jon,
Thanks for your reply. Yes I have address and port 47806. It was only after I configured these that I got the TEST CONNECTION to show a connection could be made.

Re: Aircraft tracked question

Posted: Thu May 01, 2014 12:33 am
by agw
By default the format for a new receiver is set to BaseStation - if you change that to AVR / Beast then it should start working.

Re: Aircraft tracked question

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2014 9:19 am
by watsonm

As a follow up to this thread, I have my system running and tracking plenty of aircraft with VRS and Plane Plotter.
However the "AIrcraft Tracked" column in the VRS feed status section always seems to display a low number.
VRS has been running for over 24 hours, I have seen dozens of A/C on my display but it currently says 14 .

785,000 total messages 0 bad messages Aircraft tracked 14 (just flipped to 15)

ANy clues as to what may be happening?

Cheers Mike

Re: Aircraft tracked question

Posted: Wed Dec 03, 2014 12:48 am
by agw
Another amazingly late reply, sorry about that! :)

Aircraft Tracked just shows the aircraft that are currently being tracked. This generally tends to be higher than the number of aircraft on display as aircraft remain in the tracked list for a few minutes after their last message was received. However it won't be higher than the number of aircraft currently on the display, and it's not a cumulative total - it's just the number of aircraft for which a message was received within the last ten minutes (by default - you can change the tracking duration in the options | general screen).

Re: Aircraft tracked question

Posted: Sat Dec 06, 2014 9:26 pm
by watsonm
Currently tracking , not accumulative... Thanks Andrew..