ADSB Antenna Donation

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ADSB Antenna Donation

Post by jonfear » Sun Nov 23, 2014 11:37 am

Hi Everyone

As part of me putting back into the hobby, every month I buy a simple antenna from Stanislav on eBay and donate it with a suitable down-lead, nothing fancy, just RG6 satellite cable, to one person who can fill a gap in the VRS World coverage. They will have to provide a dongle or similar and of course provide a feed to VRS World! If the dongle is a real problem, I can usually sort that as well! I have a few lying around here.

I am looking to provide the antenna to an area that we do not have coverage, where is that you ask? Most places! I would love to try and get a French feed, Improve Spain and add Italy, Greece and Turkey. There are huge gaps in the world, let's try to fill some of them. No, we will never have FR24 style coverage but it would be nice to cover the important area's of the globe.

This is the antenna, nothing fancy but it appears to work... ... EBIDX%3AIT It will not come with an N type termination.

So if you think you could help, please PM me with your location and description of expected range etc and you may be the one to receive the antenna. Closing date is Sunday 7th December 2014 @ 12:00UT. That means I should be able to send the package before the holiday period.

Thanks for looking and good luck.

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