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VRS World Update

Post by jonfear » Thu Dec 25, 2014 1:31 pm

Hi Everyone

Just an update with what is happening at VRS World.

The server continues to behave itself and with the new release of version 2.1.0 seems to use less CPU power than before. This means we will not need to upgrade to the larger server until well into 2015.

This an ideal time to recommend upgrading to 2.1.0 if you have not done so already. It contains many of the improvements have been a direct result of the beta trial that so many of you took part in.

We now have 67 full time feeds as listed on the VRS Directory listing which is on Andrews main site. If you haven't listed your site there, why not add it to the list. It is a simple procedure to do. We are already seeing many sites sign up to this, it make most interesting reading and gives us a the opportunity to see area's not covered by VRS World. We have unfortunately lost some feeds. This is disappointing but I fully understand the reasons for not feeding where I have been informed. I hope that someday those feeders will be able to return. The door is always open!

There are three new feeds which hopefully we will have on-line at some stage, two from the UK (Thanks to Nic for these) and a further feed from the US in the Las Vegas area (Thanks to Brian for that one).

We now have a dedicated sub-forum on the Planeplotter forum (www.http://planeplotterforum.co.uk). It is designed so that we can all get together in one place and discuss VRS World or anything to do with that. I do not expect it to be a busy sub-section, but it is there nonetheless.

Following on from suggestions, I have changed the screen name format. Your screen name will remain as set up but will now be prefixed with an ISO two letter country code, such as VRS Worle (My site) has now changed to GB - Worle. I think that this is an improvement and will instantly provide a clue to the nationality of a feed. This should reflect the multinational mix to our community.

A further suggestion which has been put forward is to have the share code of those of you that run Planeplotter. I am open on this, it would follow the new naming convention such as GB - Worle - (P1). please let me know your share code if you wish this added to your screen name.

We have tried to support different feeds for specific areas of the world, UK, Europe and North America. Unfortunately this has proved a massive power drain on the CPU's and all have now been withdrawn. I know that Andrew is continuously trying to improve the performance of the software and so hopefully this is something we can reintroduce at a later point in time.

Looking back on what has been achieved over the past few months, I still find it incredible that a group of amateurs can create something so useful and meaningful. You all deserve a big pat on the back for what you have achieved. You are all what makes VRS World tick. We are at 67 feeds now, I wonder where we will be in 12 months time? I would be nice to finish the year with 70 feeds.

I think the future plan for 2015 is to consolidate our coverage in the area's already covered. North America is growing at a nice steady rate. In Europe we are desperate for coverage in France, Southern Spain and Portugal. I would love to try an link up with the main Australian site at http://plane.watch/VirtualRadar/desktop.html. They provide fantastic coverage of SW Australia and would add to the already good coverage we have from Down under.

The server will be upgraded as and when it is deemed necessary, we have plenty of internet bandwidth available so the future looks assured.

I would like to improve the main landing page. If anyone has idea's or suggestions, drop me a line. I am not a web page designer so any help there would be greatly appreciated. There are some items I would like to add to both the mobile and desktop pages (Branding etc), again any help here would be appreciated.

I would like to migrate those users of VRS that are still on the pull system over to the push system. The push system is much better for your data security and provides the same data to us. It is also simpler to set up. I will be sending out an email to those feeders over the Christmas period and see if we can arrange an ordered transition.

Interestingly, there is an option of using modesmixer2 to push to VRS World for those of you not running VRS. I can provide more information on this, just ask.

So it just leaves me to wish you all a peaceful holiday season and offer my best wishes for 2015.

http://www.360radar.co.uk, the new name for MLAT Radar in the UK and Western Europe.

Former PP feeder Bm. No longer feeding. I do not have time to sort out imaginary problems with NTP
when it has been working fine for 2+ Years.

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