VRS Missing ADS-B Data? Not Sure

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VRS Missing ADS-B Data? Not Sure

Post by SkierInAvon » Fri Jul 31, 2015 3:35 pm

:? ...I'm not 100% sure...

Why my current release VRS (missing data?) that is being reported by Plane Plotter - running on same Win-8.1 (64-bit) PC?

I recently changed my single RTL1090 ADS-B receiver over to using "Dump1090". Am also running "ModeSmixer2" recommended by SonicGoose.
Hence current release of Plane Plotter and VRS "play nice together" on the same PC. I have lots of CPU+RAM and an SSD - plenty of horsepower.

PP can be adjusted to map/show LOCAL ADS-B "flights it's sees" with the colors of the (moving flights with contrails) being distinguished from the MLAT flights "seen" and reported as different colors. So PP let's me distinguish (via different colors) my local ADS-B data vs. others (MLAT).

What's strange is...(sometimes) PP shows/maps LOCAL ADS-B Aircraft - that does not show up on VRS...at the same time.
Why? Strange....how is it that VRS (is?) missing (not reporting) Aircraft Data....from the same Dunp1090 data stream...

VRS database reports recording/writing just under 2,000 flights a day in the database...from my location - Western Slope, Colorado.

Any insights, guys?


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Re: VRS Missing ADS-B Data? Not Sure

Post by agw » Sun Aug 02, 2015 3:00 pm

Do you have a couple of examples of ICAOs for aircraft that are showing in PP but not in VRS?

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